When Pigs Fly

I went to a coffee shop with my mom the other day and I noticed the barista wearing flip-flops. Summer has finally come and everyone is flaunting their feet for everyone to see and it got me thinking.

Do you remember when you were little, playing outside the sun throwing warmth on your face as you run barefoot through the grass? Life was simple and we had no care in the world. Now if you go anywhere without shoes it’s frowned upon and in some places illegal.

We should have the right to be barefoot whenever we would like. Who gives people and businesses the right to take away our choice to wear or not wear shoes? If people don’t want to look at my little piggies, then just don’t look.

No shoes should equal service. If some places allow people to bare arms in public then why can’t we bare feet? It’s not hurting anybody. How is it that we can drive anywhere we want without shoes but the second we step outside the vehicle your feet have to be covered to go anywhere else.

If you ask people why it should not be allowed they say things like it is unsanitary, dangerous, or just that feet are not pleasing to look at. I give those reasons a boot out of the door. We need to heel the problems and misconceptions that walking around barefoot cause.


Studies have shown that walking around barefoot is actually healthier for you than wearing shoes. Walking without shoes has been proven to help with balance, posture, to ease back pain, and even help with blood circulation. With all these benefits it’s shocking to think we haven’t taken advantage of this simple solution for issues facing thousands of people each year.

The idea that shoes are needed in public based on the thought that it is more sanitary is highly misguided. Researchers at the University of Arizona found 66 million organisms nine of which were different species of bacteria on people’s shoes. It’s clear to see the bottom of our shoes may not be as sanitary as we would have thought.

It is true people would rather have bacteria on the bottom of their shoes then on their feet.But walking around barefoot actually helps your immune system, which allows your body to fight off the bacteria on the bottom of your feet. Since shoes don’t have an immune system the bacteria isn’t fought off so it just remains on the bottom.

People can be stubborn and set in their ways when it comes to things that may be considered taboo. If someone just steps out of the daily norm it becomes headline news. On September 2015, Kanye West allowed his 2-year-old to walk barefoot in public. It was published all over the news and talked about on television. Does that really sound like headline news?

What makes bare feet so taboo anyway?


People argue that walking around barefoot could be dangerous. The idea that there could be glass or other sharp objects lying on the ground. Although this can be true, if the idea of walking around without shoes wasn’t so taboo more people would do it, making our streets safer to do so. If people want to take the risk, why don’t we let them choose for themselves?

There are always going to be people to look down on bare feet. To some people, they are dirty, smelly, and ugly. The idea that they will have to look at feet makes them cringe and run in the other direction. But if you think about it flip-flops are no more than thongs for feet. People have no problem with indecently dressed feet like that but if they go commando they become revolting.

My advise is to do whatever you feel to be right. I don’t worry about what people think I just kick up my feet and let my pigs fly.



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