Sparkling Personalities

Behind the star spangled banner and the lights of the fireworks lies the real reason of the Fourth of July. It’s a time for families to get together and spend some well-deserved time with each other. Every year I go with a group, whether it is my family or fiends (who I consider family). I never really go for the fireworks, instead I go for the conversations. As a kid, fireworks scared me; let’s just say I saw my life flash past my eyes more than I would have liked.

Since I don’t really enjoy watching the fireworks I take the time to watch people. It’s interesting to see who goes to the show and how they react. After awhile I notice you see the same people every year.

The Family and Friends

They are the fountains of the Fourth of July fireworks. They are unique, you never know how they will turn out, and sometimes you get duds. The ones that do work are amazing, burn bright, are full of color, and noise. They are reliable and are there year after year for your enjoyment.

The Partiers

Like firecrackers they are loud and sometimes destructive. Sticking to a group is the only thing they know. They believe their social network is blowing up with all their post but instead they have a higher chance of exploding on someone instead. As partiers do, they boom out for every little thing then fizzle out quickly leaving a trail of smoke behind.

Heather Camera 549

The Couple: Type A

They see sparks fly when they are together. Big bursts of color light up their world and they can’t take their eyes off of each other. Sometimes they burn out too fast and the show ends quicker than expected, and sometimes they keep a light lit for the next year.

The Couple: Type B

This couple came out of nowhere. Like a snake this relationship has been going on for a long time and sometimes they get bored with it. But once you think it’s over someone lights another end and it keeps on going.


Like a sparkler kids are little and full of energy and excitement. They won’t stand still, instead they move around all over the place. Some can be unpredictable and not do what they are supposed to. Toward the end of the night they eventually slow down ad burn out.

Heavy Tobacco Users

These are the people who can’t go a couple of hours without smoking a cigarette. You never planned on getting hit with a smoke bomb in a crowd full of people. All they provide is a constant stream of smoke that blows exactly where you don’t want it to go.

I’m not writing this to point out flaws of people because nobody is perfect. The purpose is to see all the different kinds of people coming together for something we all have in common: the celebration of our beloved country.





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