Having a Ball

The app Pokémon Go has been out for a couple of weeks now and what I noticed is astonishing. Hundreds of people are walking around the community. Families are spending more time together while getting exercise.

This is the best app for kids who grew up playing video games and watching television for their entertainment. Not only does it make them get up and go outside but it also lets them learn about their community.

Under each pokestop there is a little definition about that spot. It’s Gastly to think kids don’t know the history of where they live.

Not only is it for kids but adults and anyone who wants to partake can play this app. It can bridge a gap between kids and their parents who grew up in different generations. Parents that grew up watching Pokémon can now share the experience with their kids.IMG_8131.JPG

I worked at a supervised playground for many years and it was sad to see how many kids don’t play anything with their parents. Some of the kids would tell me that coming to the playground was the only time they played outside. This made me sad. Growing up my siblings and I were always playing outside we barely watched television and we never owned video games until we were a lot older.

Nowadays kids are infatuated with technology and different gadgets. Even spending quality time with the family is not as common. You can all be in the same room but their eyes are all fixated on their iPads or cell phones.

This app makes families spend time with each other and they are actually enjoying it. The app is letting members of the family interact with each other not just spending time. You also can communicate with other people. Being a shy person talking to some people scares me but this app has helped me become more outgoing. I feel more confident when talking with people and talk to them about the app and Pokémon they have come across.

I think the benefits outweigh the negatives of this app. You just have to be smart when you use it: don’t drive and play, never go alone, go with a group, and be careful when crossing streets.

All I have to say is go out and have a Pokeball.


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