Growing an Identity

Not too long ago my Twitter account was hacked into, I felt like someone stole my identity. At first I was worried but then I realized I didn’t know who I was back then. So in a way it wasn’t really me that got hacked, but a faceless version of whom I thought I was. Sometimes you need to step back to see the difference between whom you thought you were and who you are.

I always felt that I had to create this image of myself, to have the latest clothes, and act a certain way to get people to like me. Like many young people I looked in magazines, on Television, and in movies to see whom I wanted to be like.

There are so many role models out there it is hard to narrow out whom to look up to. Many of them are not who they say they are. They walk around with a fake facade, only showing what they want us to see. We look up to people whose intentions become fuzzy over time. And after a while we realize we have no idea what they stand for anymore.

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