Post Cards to San Francisco

Dear San Francisco,

Thank you for a memorable experience in your city. I will never forget all that your city has to offer. I enjoyed visiting Fisherman’s Wharf, Chinatown, Pier 39, and the Muir woods. I would recommend these places to those who have yet to visit the golden city. The Golden Gate Bridge was amazing; I never realized how foggy it got until I got there. The bridge is not only connecting two pieces of land, it is also connecting people together from all over the world. There were so many languages I heard when I was there that made it me appreciate how diverse America truly is.

Sincerely, Someone who loved visiting your city

P.S. Stay golden


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Sparkling Personalities

Behind the star spangled banner and the lights of the fireworks lies the real reason of the Fourth of July. It’s a time for families to get together and spend some well-deserved time with each other. Every year I go with a group, whether it is my family or fiends (who I consider family). I never really go for the fireworks, instead I go for the conversations. As a kid, fireworks scared me; let’s just say I saw my life flash past my eyes more than I would have liked.

Since I don’t really enjoy watching the fireworks I take the time to watch people. It’s interesting to see who goes to the show and how they react. After awhile I notice you see the same people every year.

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When Pigs Fly

I went to a coffee shop with my mom the other day and I noticed the barista wearing flip-flops. Summer has finally come and everyone is flaunting their feet for everyone to see and it got me thinking.

Do you remember when you were little, playing outside the sun throwing warmth on your face as you run barefoot through the grass? Life was simple and we had no care in the world. Now if you go anywhere without shoes it’s frowned upon and in some places illegal.

We should have the right to be barefoot whenever we would like. Who gives people and businesses the right to take away our choice to wear or not wear shoes? If people don’t want to look at my little piggies, then just don’t look.

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