Sparkling Personalities

Behind the star spangled banner and the lights of the fireworks lies the real reason of the Fourth of July. It’s a time for families to get together and spend some well-deserved time with each other. Every year I go with a group, whether it is my family or fiends (who I consider family). I never really go for the fireworks, instead I go for the conversations. As a kid, fireworks scared me; let’s just say I saw my life flash past my eyes more than I would have liked.

Since I don’t really enjoy watching the fireworks I take the time to watch people. It’s interesting to see who goes to the show and how they react. After awhile I notice you see the same people every year.

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A Bowl Full of Cherries

Every summer I go to Door County Wis. with my family. There are so many things to do it is hard to choose even if you have been there before. That is always our problem every year, we try cherry-picking our activities and run out of time to do everything. Time flies fast when you’re at the Door Peninsula, you don’t want an opportunity to close just because you didn’t have time to do it.

A good idea is to plan ahead and research activities that fit with your personality. Whether you’re an athlete, an artist, a nature-lover, a spender, or a foodie: or who knows, a little of them all, there are things for everyone to do.

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